Located on a terrace overlooking the beautiful Blanco River just minutes from the Old Courthouse Square, Lavender Lane Farm is graced by stately live oaks, bountiful pecan and fruit trees, and a spectacular array of flowers in addition to the lavender fields.

Drawing on his educational background in plant sciences, work as an independent professional tree and turf specialist, and former work as a Texas Panhandle wheat farmer, Mitch has experimented with a variety of lavender species including the Munstead and Elegance Purple varieties of L. angustifolio and the English Lavender hybrids Provence and Grosso. The goal is to find the optimum combination of species and growing technique for Lavender Lane’s particular climate and soil and water chemistry to provide the very best essential oils. Surprisingly, the soil character changes considerably across the lavender field making the varieties grow and flower differently when located relatively small distances apart. One clear early lesson learned has been there is no “One Size Fits All” or single best variety in lavender cultivation.

In addition to the plant world at Lavender Lane, insect control is provided by Keely’s flock of free range chickens. With names given by Mitch and Keely’s three boys, e.g. Chicken Fried,  Sarah, Michelle, Henrietta, and Chick Fil A, the hens not only benefit the lavender but produce a

surplus of eggs. If you get to the farm early and are particularly lucky, pick up a dozen. But a word of warning, you may never be satisfied with grocery store eggs again. In addition to a limited supply of fresh eggs, there are a variety of lavender sachets and bundles, linen sprays, soaps, flowers, lotions, and products available. Or just enjoy a cold snow cone or glass of iced tea and relax in the shade of a multi hundred year old live oak tree and let the river and your day roll by.

Our Story

Lavender Lane Farm is located on the site of one the original Blanco lavender farms that helped make Blanco lavender famous. But with the original owner’s advancing years, the farm was allowed to go fallow and revert back to native shrub and grass.

Just two years ago Mitch and Keely Symons first saw the property. They saw what it was then but they envisioned what it could be. Now for the first time, the fruits (and flowers) of their labor will be open to the public.

Home of the crazy chicken lady, her rooster and three chickadees!!!

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