All Of Our Products Are Handmade With Our Own Home Grown Lavender Shop Now

All of our products are handmade with our own home grown lavender


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Texas-Grown Natural Lavender Products

Lavender has a distinct, pleasant smell and well-known soothing properties. Bring the natural freshness of lavender into your home with Lavender Lane Farms, LLC's range of handmade lavender products.

Each of our products is made from lavender grown right here in Blanco, Texas, home the original Blanco lavender plant.

Natural Revitalization

Lavender is a common natural ingredient in creams, beverages, and essential oils. Lavender is known to provide the following:

  • Alleviation of aches and pains
  • Deeper, more comfortable sleep
  • Fresh, uplifting scent
  • Improved relaxation
  • Skin moisturization

While the efficacy of lavender for medicinal purposes varies for each person, anyone can enjoy the bright scent.

We offer a selection of handcrafted lavender products to help you integrate the pleasant scent and beneficial properties of lavender into your home. Our products include:

  • Dried lavender and scented linen spray to freshen the smell in your home
  • Essential oil, perfect for diffusion or for topical application
  • Herbal tea, said to help with digestive issue and stress
  • Lotions and soaps

Visit our shop to find your new favorite personal care products.

Dedicated Service

Mitch and Keely Symons took over these Texas lavender farms in 2014. Previously neglected, the Lavender Lane Farms now thrive, providing fragrant and beautiful flowers that are perfect for creating high-quality personal care and beverage products.

The Symons use their passion for the farms and Mitch's background in plant sciences to bring you lavender products to enrich your daily life.

Contact us today to learn more about our farms, goals, and policies.


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